Johnny Nevin

Johnny Nevin is an independent record producer, a composer, a writer, and a photographer.

Working as a record producer with so many different artists on so many different kinds of music, he learned how to understand what it is that an artist dreams, hopes, and intends. His photography brings a visual dimension to this understanding of how to share with others what an artist imagines.

There are so many different ways that a moment in light can be discovered that photography is not really just one art, and the photographs here share with all of the arts of photography one completely unexpected quality -- the hope to show what would otherwise be unseen.

Johnny Nevin's photography presents moments that show what artists accomplish, what they intend, and although unseen, what they must have imagined. These are worlds that Johnny Nevin knows well, and what you may find in his photographs is what he has always looked for in the artists he produces, writes about, and photographs: what it is that they hope to share.

011_140926 Jacqueline Stewart-482

Photos by Johnny Nevin

You can find Johnny Nevin's stories about Music and Dance at and The Huffington Post

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